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The Hunt for Mr. Chippers

In this imaginative fun children's book, a little mouse named Mr. Chippers is lost! Join his friends, Rufus, Fluffy, and Floatie as they begin an epic adventure to find him...

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David Done Children's Books

David Done is currently the author of two children's book, "The Hunt for Mr. Chippers," and Littlest Christmas Miracle. He has also written another children's book called "Dragon Cookies" that has yet to go into production, and has ideas for an additional six children's books.

David absolutely loves writing children's story books. His passion to create reading books for children is what drives him. He hopes that these children's story books will help children to inspire their imaginations and develop a love of reading!


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Children's Books Testimonials

"I absolutely love the Mr. Chippers book! It is so cute!" - Julie Bennion




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